The Ocean Legacy

947 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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Tessa smiled as she headed up the hill, not surprised to see Alek sitting about, right where she’d left him. Alek was a fairly sociable person, but he tended to nap a lot during the day.

"Hey," he said, standing up, and Tessa’s heart skipped a beat. 

Tessa could admit she was a complete and utter soppy mess around Alek, even though she tried to hide it. Since that drunken kiss that seemed to long ago, she’d been chasing him, and now that he’d finally gotten passed his commitment issues, they were together.

Well, her family hadn’t met him yet, but one step at a time. Tessa didn’t want to scare him off.

In all honesty, Tessa was a little bit in love.

"Hey Aleksey Lowe," She said, grinning at the way he winced over his full name, "What have you been up to?"

"I got us dinner," He grinned, pointing out a fish that was hanging nearby, "But mostly I was waiting for you to come back."

Tessa tried not to smile too wide at that. 

Anonymous asked: "how do you put piercings on your sims? do you download a lot of stuff from the exchange?"

I do download custom content for my piercings, but not from the exchange. I pick it up all over the place. I got Tessa’s septum piercing originally from IN3S and some of their stuff is available here.

Also MySims3Blog has good resources for most things here’s a link to their tagged piercings.

Hope that helps! Feel free to message me off anon if you want more specifics.

simmingly asked: "Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥"

<3 <3!!!

Most favourite sim… Uhhh… I guess I’ll just do adult!Tessa because predictability is awesome.

1. She’s pretty fit. She can beat most folks in Pierson’s Retreat in a fight.

2. Tess is becoming closer with Kitty, who is probably her second closest friend now. Cam’s still her best friend, though.

3. She still has a toy rabbit which she keeps under her bed. Scar gave it to her when she was a kid.

4. She secretly loves pretty clothing and jewellery but she doesn’t wear any of it because it wouldn’t fit with the ‘image’ she’s trying to perfect.

5. Tessa almost never apologises for anything. She’s a brat. Everyone knows this.

Thank youuu for letting me ramble!

I’m not ignoring anyone I just managed to get myself a throat infection so I’m feeling sorry for myself and not doing much productive

<3 you guys though

Anonymous asked: "do you know of any good simblr a with a good and detailed story line like yours? I can't seem to find any that are up to par with the oceans and the Andovers"

*tugs on collar nervously* Well the thing is I don’t actually follow a lot of other simblr stories at the moment. I was out of the community for awhile recently and I kind of dropped off the map… I’m really busy and stuff too…

The only detailed regularly updated legacy I follow without fail would be the Andovers, so uh. Not so helpful to you. I am ridiculously flattered that you consider the Oceans on a similar level though. I have another simblr as well, if you’re really bored.

Perhaps folks can recommend reading for the both of us?

946 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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"Hey Tess," Kitty said, walking over, "How was training?"

"Pretty good, actually," Tessa said, nodding at the woman, "How’s your squadron going?"

"Well, they’ll get there," Kitty shrugged, "You always give me the toughest assignments."

Tessa laughed, knowing the woman wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the bandit invasion, Kitty had been foremost on the need for defence. She’d quickly become Tessa’s right hand in matters of strategy, and a good friend.

"Are you done for the day?" Kitty asked, the two of them turning to walk.

"Yes," Tessa smiled, "I was heading up to see your brother, actually."

Kitty snorted, “Well, say hello to that lazy sonofabitch for me, would you?”

Tessa laughed, waving at Kitty, and heading towards Alek’s camp site. In all this time, he hadn’t even moved. He was definitely lazy, Tessa thought with a smile.

945 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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The months rushed in a flash of training, building, and exhaustion. Tessa’s leadership over the town saw a number of changes. The council was disbanded, and in it’s place a squadron was formed, in which all the able bodied folk were required to join.

They increased fitness, trained in weaponry, built barricades, and became strong. They successfully held off two bandit attacks with little effort; none of them were prepared for an organised force.

Pierson’s Retreat began to grow once more. Families arrived, looking for safety. The squadron picked up stragglers on their travels into other cities who joined their cause. They were powerful now, more than they’d been under the council.

There were complaints, of course. People were forced into tents and the existing, run down housing, because all building projects had stopped. There was less focus on things like getting the power running.

Tessa silenced such objections by stating that they didn’t live in that world any more. They were at constant war.

As far as the Ocean family were concerned, they were safe and healthy. Tessa was doing her job. She’d grown into a confident, but a brash woman, who no longer doubted her motives.

She was here to keep everyone safe. She was going to do just that.

Dated some time after post 944

Tessa: I figured I could talk about Cam for a bit, hoping that she’ll be around when I finally do have kids of her own. After all, she’s basically my family. Even if she’d probably bitch at me if she knew I was recording about her.


Tessa: I could start off a bit about her childhood, and how she got her scars.

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thevelouriumcamper replied to your post: So Ally has fancied up Cam as a young …

Her outfit is like Ellie from The Last of Us ^_^

Yes! And I love that game so much!