The Ocean Legacy

I got tagged~~~~~ by andraecamecrashingdown
Yeah this is what my desktop looks like right now. BF changed the names of most of my icons, and I made him re-change them to something less phallic.

I got tagged~~~~~ by andraecamecrashingdown

Yeah this is what my desktop looks like right now. BF changed the names of most of my icons, and I made him re-change them to something less phallic.

992 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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Time passed quickly, and Tessa quickly began to have trouble accommodating her expanding belly within the clothes she owned. Having no interest in announcing her pregnancy to her wider family, let alone Pierson’s Retreat, she waited for someone to mention the changes to her body.

No one dared. Even waddling slightly with her new weight, she still managed to intimidate.

Kitty easily picked up the few duties Tessa could no longer do. However, Tess didn’t slow down completely. She still exercised daily (albeit to a lesser degree) and over saw the troops whenever she could.

Sometimes Tessa thought about Alek, but the memory of him was fading, slowly but surely. Tessa wondered if one day she’d forget his face altogether. It’d only been three months, and some days she barely thought about him.

Often, Tessa thought of Cam. The distance between herself and her best friend was a sting which hadn’t faded, and unlike with Alek, Tessa could see the sadness in her eyes only been moments earlier.

But she couldn’t bear the idea of going to see her now, after so long, obviously pregnant and emotionally compromised.

The baby growing inside her was enough to keep her occupied.

If she ever found herself thinking about Cam or Alek much, she could focus on the life growing inside her. She was growing more attached to the child she carried by the day.

I caved and bought Sims 4 and I’m like blown away by the fact that I actually kind of love it. It’s weird and cartoony and glitchy but It reminds me of Sims 2, and there is so much modding potential.

I have no intention of posting it on here though. Sims 3 is still a much better story telling platform in my opinion.

991 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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The effect on the room was almost immediate, to Tessa’s embarrassment. Her family had barely seen her cry since childhood, and it was obvious that, even in the circumstances, they didn’t expect it now.

Scar swore at Connor, something he never did in front of their kids. Emelia urged to her feet, moving in front of Tessa, her hands coming up in comfort. Connor’s face didn’t change in expression, but his eyes looked sadder as he trained them on the table top.

The reaction of her parents seemed only to upset further. In reality, she did feel like she’d made a mistake, and one that would change her life forever. The child that was growing inside her was hard to accept, and knowing how fragile that life was only made her harder on herself. What if she messed up the kid? She was messed up enough herself.

She could see the her own fear reflected in the eyes of her family. Childbirth could be fatal, even with proper care. Gina was dead, and there was no one qualified to help her with the birth. Emelia had the best care available, and complications saw her almost die in birth with Tessa, and that had been her third child! The prospect of what would come horrified her.

"Tess," Emelia said, voice firm, "It’s okay. You’re okay."

Tessa wanted to scream at her mother that was she was very much not okay, but she was able to hold herself in check.

"Tess," Emelia repeated, gently pushing the hair out of her daughters face. "We’re here. There’s no reason to panic."

Tessa made a noise of frustration and wiped the moisture from her face. She left the room angry, but only at herself.

Anonymous asked: "do you think Blair will ever come back? if not can we see him as a young adult and his kid? I'm dying to know"

He and the kid (which was never confirmed his) will definitely come back at some point!

Anonymous asked: "how old are you?"


Anonymous asked: "do you go by Tessas traits with the story? what are they"


I use them to shape her personality but like, to differing extents.

Anonymous asked: "are you married?"


I do live with my partner though. And we’ve been together uh… *asks* 20 months. He has a pretty nice face and puts up with the amount of sims I play so I approve.

Anonymous asked: "I miss cam do you think she'll ever come back?"

I’m confused. She hasn’t gone anywhere?

990 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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Emelia coughed in the back of her throat, looking pointedly at Connor. Scar, on the other hand, just looked outraged.

Connor sighed, ignoring them, but his tone was less harsh when he repeated, “Who is the father?”

Tessa’s confidence had wavered but she forced herself to make eye contact with her Dad as she said, “Alek Lowe.”

"Kitty Lowe’s brother?" Emelia asked, "That’s him?"

Her family had met Kitty, as Tessa’s second in command, on a number of occasions. That they didn’t even know the name of her boyfriend since teenhood said a lot, and Tessa forced herself not to cringe as she nodded.

"Bring him here." Connor said.

"I can’t." Tessa said, irritated but mostly at herself, "He’s gone."

"Gone?" Connor prompted, expression unchanged.

"When I told him I could be pregnant, he just left." Tessa said voice shaking.

Connor looked about to say something, surprisingly, Erik interrupted him. “Dad. Shut up.”

Their father looked more surprised by the interruption than angry. Maybe it was Erik’s show of support which was the thing that finally broke her, tears breaking through her façade.