The Ocean Legacy

969 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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The room was stuffy. There were three other people sitting there, waiting to be seen, and one of them had this low, wheezing cough which put Tessa on edge. Gina’s Clinic had really gone downhill.

Tessa had been waiting for half an hour now, and she growing increasingly impatient. The last thing she wanted was for one of her parents to come by and ask her why she was here. Besides, she had things to do today. Tess couldn’t afford to waste any more time.

She placed a hand on her belly, feeling stupid. If there really was a baby growing inside her, she could at least afford this much time to see a nurse.

"Tessa?" A familiar voice said.

Tessa dropped her hand quickly, and for a second she thought it was her turn to be seen. Then, she noticed red hair, and a pleasant expression which was too relaxed to be real. Her cousin, Nadine.

Tessa hated that bitch.

"Hi Nadine," Tess said, not quite looking her in the eye. She had to think of an excuse, and quickly.

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968 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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Tessa looked off into the distance. Pregnant? Her? It wasn’t part of her plan, her goals, not yet. She was still so young.

"This can’t be happening." Tessa said, mentally shying away from the concept.

"I know this is none of my business," Shay said, sounding subdued, "But you should probably talk to Alek about this. I hate the guy, but…"

Tessa’s stomach suddenly dropped, and reality came rushing back in. Her eyes widened, and she saw that Kitty was looking horrified as well.

"Alek isn’t going to take this well." Tessa said, sort of dazed.

"He really isn’t," Kitty said, looking worried, "Shit."

"Yeah." Tessa said, everything feeling surreal.

Alek was her boyfriend, sure, but they never talked about anything long term. He’d never even been with her to meet her family. Alek wasn’t interested in that kind of commitment. A child? Tess wasn’t prepared, but Alek was much worse off.

"Maybe he’ll surprise us," Kitty said, all of her enthusiasm gone.

"If you need anything Tess," Shay said, after a pause, "Anything. We’re here."

967 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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Tessa felt something uncomfortable turn over in her stomach. They were.. they were really discussing whether or not she could be pregnant. She could see Shay shifting uncomfortably.

"I’m on birth control pills," Tessa said, reassuring herself, "I paid a lot for them."

Kitty raised an eyebrow, “What, like the pills? Wouldn’t those be really, really expired?”

"Yeah, well," Tessa said, panic building, "The nurse said they should still work."

"Our ‘nurse’ doesn’t know shit, to be honest," Kitty said, looking more concerned, "Like, you know since Gina died, our Med’ centre has really gone down hill."

"Look, we’re freaking out about nothing here." Tessa said, trying not to panic.

"Well," Kitty said, staring her down, "You know the answer to that."

Tessa looked down at her stomach, and she swear the bottom dropped out of it in fear. It’d been… two months, at least, since she’d had a period.

"Oh god." Tessa said, staring at Kitty with wide eyes.

"Oh fuck.” Kitty said, emphatically, “You could totally be pregnant.”

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Connor’s keeping a close eye on things

Connor’s keeping a close eye on things

Meanwhile, it seems Alek is meeting Emelia for the first time.

Wolf isn’t impressed that he didn’t even bother to bathe.

966 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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"It’s just… with everything going on…" Tessa said, looking at everything but her friends and trying not to tear up, "I can’t even deal with it right now."

"It’s pretty important you work things out, though, right?" Shay said, frowning, "I mean, Cam will get over it. You can still be friends."

"Like, I’m training every day, and I feel dizzy and sick in the mornings because of it." Tessa said, feeling overwhelmed, "I’m so tired all the time."

"Hold up, hold up," Kitty said, looking a little suprised, "Girl talk, right now."

"Huh?" Tessa raised an eyebrow.

"Uhm… should I go?" Shay said, looking at confused as Tessa felt.

"Nah, you’re girly enough, just don’t listen for a bit." Kitty waved him off, focussing on Tessa. "So, you’re tired, dizzy and sick in the mornings, and obviously emotional."

Tessa stared at Kitty for a second, and almost laughed, “No, don’t be ridiculous.”

"Well, is it ridiculous?" Kitty asked, staring down at Tess. "Could you… be?"

965 - The Ocean Legacy - Fourth Generation

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"…and now we aren’t talking," Tessa finished explaining, gesturing wildly, "I don’t even know what I’d say to her right now, you know?"

"Wait…" Shay said slowly, "Cam is in love with you?!"

"Oh come on, it was obvious." Kitty said, glancing over at the man.

"For how long?" Shane asked, eyes wide.

"I don’t know," Tessa said, shoulders slumped. "I guess a while."

"Why didn’t she tell anyone?" Shay asked, looking away.

Tessa shrugged, wishing she knew the answer that that question herself. Now Cam and her weren’t talking, and it felt like Tessa’d lost a family member.

"Probably because Cam knew that if she did, Tess would freak out and not talk to her." Kitty said, voice soft. "Kind of like she is right now.

Tessa supposed that was true. It wasn’t fair. She wished things could just go back to the way they were.